To prospective international students,

   Currently, the Japanese government is implementing a plan called “Global 30” which is to promote globalization by expanding the number of international students in Japan to 300,000 by 2020. As you may notice here, Japan’s government has been holding not only Global 30 but also a variety of other plans just to receive more international students.
Also, internationalization in Japanese industries is steadily accelerating. This transition has altered recruitment in Japanese companies; these days, more and more talented international students are hired in Japan.
The number of international students in the world is expected to reach 5 million easily. While it seems it is difficult for international students in Western countries such as the U.S. and the U.K. to find jobs after they graduate, now it is not unusual to see Japanese companies hiring more international candidates than Japanese students. In fact, the employment rate of international students who graduated from higher educational institutions in Japan is now more than 50%.
   However, the number of international students in Japan still does not increase as fast as what the government expects. Here, we, JCAEMCE, thought that the problem might derive from the conservative admission procedures in Japan which is largely different from what Western countries employ.
And so, our foundation, working with Japanese universities, has come up with “Study in Japan Official Guide Book” to introduce studying abroad in Japan, a cram school for talented high school students who wish to study abroad in Japan, and a completely new admission scheme called “Japan University Examination (JPUE)”. As a result of these activities, the problematic former path to Japanese universities has changed dramatically.
I ardently do hope that your courageous decision on studying in Japan will open up a way in your life and will bring lots of successes to you.

Former Vice Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
Chief Executive Advisor Kan Suzuki