Our foundation is conducting various activities to receive talented international students. Here are some introductions of those activities.

1)Study in Japan Official Guide Book/ Publication of a book covering all the necessary information you need for studying abroad in Japan
Every year, it is published in September in Asian countries. And, the 7th edition will be published this year. The book is read repeatedly and used like the Bible by international students who intend to study in Japan.

2)Shanghai WISE Study in Japan Education Center/ Establishment of a cram school in Shanghai for studying abroad in Japan
The school is for those who wish to study in Japan, and teaches Japanese language and other exam subjects for entrance examinations. Since the school was founded in 2013, many students have gotten accepted to top-ranked universities in Japan. We offer our original textbooks and have veteran Japanese teachers.

3)Musashino University- Japanese Language Program for International Students/ Administration of a preparatory Japanese course for international students in Tokyo.
In April 2018, this cram school was established in Ariake, Tokyo for international students who intend to study in Japan. This, similar to Shanghai WISE Study in Japan Education Center, broke the mold by teaching not only Japanese language but also other entrance examination subjects at the same time.

4)Japanese University Examination (JPUE)/ A new entrance examination to Japanese universities
In this examination, applicants will take written tests and interviews in their mother tongue. Once they passed the first-stage of the exam successfully, they will learn Japanese language in their home countries and then, they can directly enter a Japanese university, which is like a scheme of Columbus’s egg.